Drive Belts & Serpentine Belt

Drive belts and Serpentine belt Replacement

At Universal Motors our fully equipped workshop in Thomastown, provides serpentine belt and drive belt replacement and repairs for all makes and models. All our car repairs come with a minimum 12 month/20000km warranty.

What Is a Serpentine Belt and When Does It Need to be Replaced?

Your vehicle is made up of several different complex parts, like the serpentine belt, that are difficult to understand unless you’re a mechanic. But don’t worry, Universal Motors is here to tell you everything you need to know about your car’s serpentine belt, which keeps various systems of your car functioning properly, including:

  • Power steering
  • Air conditioning
  • Water pump
  • Alternator

A strong and well-maintained serpentine belt powers these crucial automotive components.

How Long Does a Serpentine Belt Last?

Thanks to improvements in rubber technology, serpentine belts last much longer than they did back in the day. Most serpentine belts generally last between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. Eventually, your car’s serpentine belt will wear down from continuous exposure to heat and friction and will need to be replaced.

What Are the Signs of a Failing Serpentine Belt?

As a serpentine belt gets older and wears down, the rubber parts may peel off, causing the belt to crack, fray, or slip. When these things occur, it may become misaligned or contaminated with fluid. There are various symptoms that may indicate your car’s serpentine belt is wearing down, including:

  • Squealing or chirping noises: When the serpentine belt starts slipping, it may begin to chirp or squeal. This sound indicates that there is belt stretch, low belt tension, or the pulley and belt are not working together correctly. If you notice these sounds, you should schedule an inspection at your local Universal Motors location before more malfunctions occur.
  • Cracks and wear: You may notice physical signs of failure, including missing chunks, cracks, damaged ribs, uneven wear, or rib separation. Regular inspections by a Universal Motors technician will also catch these symptoms.
  • Air conditioning or power steering failure: If the serpentine belt fails or breaks, you may notice your air conditioning not working properly. Additionally, your car’s power steering system, alternator, or water pump may fail, resulting in a serious safety issue.
  • Car breaking down: When the serpentine belt completely breaks, your vehicle will stall, which can be extremely dangerous and inconvenient. Preventative maintenance with ASE-certified mechanics is a great way to ensure your belt doesn’t suddenly break while you’re driving.

Your check engine light and other gauges will warn you when there’s a problem with your belt. Never ignore the warning signs of serpentine belt failure.