Crank Angle Sensor

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Nowadays, all vehicles come with a computerised engine management system that uses sensors to compute data and handle all the operations. The crank angle sensor is one of the important parts of the modern vehicle’s engine management system. It provides data of crankshaft position and speed using an optical sensor, hall effect or inductive pickup. The signal from the crank angle sensor is used by the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to calculate when to inject fuel, provide spark sequence and also control engine’s RPM.

The importance of the crank angle sensor shows that it must be aligned with the vehicle’s ignition system. Due to the mounting locations of this sensor, it fails to work sometimes. Damage to the crank angle sensor is caused by excessive engine heat or oil leak. The crankshaft angle sensor failure won’t always triggure the engine warning light and you may notice that your vehicle has a hard time starting or running smoothly. When you find any of these issues, schedule an inspection.

Universal Motors, bring you a range of high-quality crank angle sensors, which has been perfectly engineered to suit each precise application for your vehicle.

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