Ignition Module

Universal Motors, one of Thomastown’s leading car mechanics offers diagnosis and repair of your vehicle’s Ignition Module.

It goes without saying that a damaged ignition will leave a car paralysed until the problem is solved. It’s recommended to let a qualified specialist take care of these problems. Universal Motors is your one stop solution provider for your all Ignition module issues.

More often than not, vehicle owners who don’t have the necessary knowledge and equipment cause the ignition module additional harm, and as a result – replacement and repair become the only solution. We can fix ignition system issues faster by using the latest diagnostic technology and all for a comparatively affordable price.

Common Ignition problems include:

  • Car will turn over but won’t start
  • Engine misfiring and poor performance
  • Engine backfire

It doesn’t matter how serious your ignition problem is or what type of car you drive. Our services are available for all types of cars.

Give us a quick call now, we will take care of the rest!