Oxygen Sensor

Maximise your fuel economy with quality oxygen sensor repair from Universal Motors.

The oxygen sensor or O2 sensor is a probe in the exhaust of a vehicle. The job of the sensor is to measure the amount of oxygen mixed into the exhaust gases that result from the fuel combustion process. This reading is sent to the ECU unit so that it can control the air-fuel ratio by adjusting the air/oxygen flow in the correct amount. The oxygen sensor, hence, is an important part of improving engine efficiency.

Oxygen sensors start showing false readings due to oil burn off or other debris coming from the motor. A common service life for an Oxygen sensor ranges from 50,000km-160,000km depending on sensor design, engine condiditon and fuel quality.

An oxygen sensor in poor condition will allow the engine to go out of tune, and your car may not pass an emissions test. Common signs of a bad sensor include engine pinging, poor fuel economy, and loss of power. The oxygen sensor was developed to prevent excessive harmful emissions. The result of using oxygen sensors is less pollution, better performance and less money spent which is what we strive for at Universal Motors.

Replacing a worn-out oxygen sensor will not only improve a vehicle’s economy, but will reduce harmful emissions.

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