When it comes to building great car engines, the ones with hydraulic lifters has many advantages. A hydraulic lifter helps in adjusting the plunger and takes up the clearance in the valve train – all by using oil pressure at its best. This function helps to ensure that the offers longer reliability and lesser unusual noise. Hydraulic lifters are not known to many, but they have major consequences when they fail. Universal Motors is the engine lifters repair and maintenance specialists in Thomastown. We get your bad or faulty lifters in place.

The faulty lifter can cause lifter tick, tapping sound, rocker arm, valve tip and bad push rod. Repairing these flaws is not the job of a laymen and requires great expertise, which the mechanics at Universal Motors have. With Professional evaluation, proper diagnostic tools, we ensure that the bad lifter in the engine gets back to normal function as soon as possible.


Hydraulic lifters are self adjusting and can tick when they loose the internal oil pressure. This is mainly caused by dirty internals of the lifter and lack of routine oil changes. It can also happen when oil of proper weight isn’t used, leading it to leak out when the engine is off or not pumping fast enough when the engine is turned on. We recommend all our clients to get their faulty hydraulic lifters replaced or fixed to avoid any further damage to the engine. Our services keep the following recommendations in mind to offer economical long term fix, without the need for major costly repairs.

  • Use oil additives for stopping oil leaks and quieter running.
  • Check oil level and the kilometers since the last service.
  • Using high load applications like towing to maximise the life of engine.
  • Change engine oil before proceeding.
  • Using manufacturer specified motor oil.
  • Check if using correct viscosity of engine oil for the vehicle.