Oil Pressure Switch


We all know that oil is vital for the engine to lubricate and reduce the friction throughout the engine. The oil pressure switch visually determines the low oil pressure in the engine block by illuminating a red light. It basically determines the flow of oil which is being pumped through the engine. The oil pressure switch functions in real-time. When the pressure is too low and drops below the threshold set by the manufacturer, the engine oil light on the dashboard illuminates and warns that driving in such circumstances can be dangerous. It is impossible to determine if there is sufficient oil flow/pressure to lubricate and protect your engine in case the switch fails. Universal Motors recommends to get your oil pressure sensor replaced immediately in case of failure.

Our Services:

The oil pressure switch is an electrical components and can show up with a number of mechanical issues, such as, wring damage. If you suspect any damage to the switch or poor indications of the oil pressure, get it inspected or repaired by the expert mechanics at Universal Motors. We are specialists in oil pressure switch repair and replacement in Thomastown.

  • Removing the defective oil pressure sensor.
  • Installing the new oil pressure sensor.
  • Stating the engine to check the oil pressure.
  • Road testing the vehicle for proper operation.

We ensure that your engine oil pressure is constantly monitored to avoid potentially dangerous conditions.