Valve Cover Gasket


Have you been experiencing oil leaking to the outside of engine? Well, there seems to a problem with your car’s valve cover gasket, Valve cover gaskets function as seal on top of the engine and prevents oil leaks. Due to the high temperature of the engine, the valve cover gasket has the tendency to get brittle and break. Worn out gasket leaks the engine oil, resulting in accumulation of oil on top of the engine. In such cases, when the engine is losing oil, running the car too long without inspection or repair can lead to expensive damage to the engine. At Universal Motors, our certified mechanics ensure that the valve cover gasket are replaced at correct time to avoid dangerous situations, as sometimes the leak occurs in the spark plug wells.


This auto-part serves a very important function by ensuring that no oil is leaking out. Leaked oil can damage the parts of the car and can also cause the engine to loose the lubrication. By ensuring that the valve cover gasket is secure and in good condition, the car owners keep the engine healthy with the following benefits.

  • Engine runs smoothly with efficient lubrication
  • Prolonged life of the engine and all the components
  • Decreased expenses on car repairs and inconvenience
  • Avoiding costly replacements
  • Higher resale value of the car, truck or SUV

If you notice leaking oil pooled under the car or unusual noises from the engine, the valve cover gasket it at fault. At Universal Motors, our expert mechanics perform the visual inspection and fix the malfunctioning parts at affordable rates. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with quality workmanship.