How many of us would want to face severe engine problems like a compression leak, oil consumption, unusual valvetrain noise or an blunt valve failure? How many of us would want to avoid these woes? The answer to both the questions is common – by understanding the causes of valve failure, with the importance of valve replacement and reconditioning. So, every effort should be made to keep the valves, seats and the valvetrain components in great condition. Sometimes, valve problems happen uncalled and can also lead to expensive comebacks. In such situations, it is always important to consult a reliable mechanic and professional engine valve repair services in Thomastown. Universal Motors handles everything from removing the valve, cleaning, inspection, maintenance, repair to replacement.

Engine Valve:

Engine valav is an important part of engine and controls the flow of fuel into combustion chamber, along with the flow of exhaust gases from the engine. Dirty or damaged valves cause cracks, pits and grooves leading to loss of power and fuel efficiency in the engine. Common symptoms of bad valves are:

  • Engine Misfiring
  • Excessive Oil Consumption
  • Sluggish Engine
  • Poorly performing engine with jerky operation

The valve can present with a worn out spring, carbon deposits or a combination of problems. In most of the cases dirty/damaged valves should be replaced and not repaired. Replacing the valves and related components is a time consuming process and a costly endeavor. Moreover, the tolerances of the valves are tight and the components which need to be removed or replaced to reach the valves in the engine are complex. At Universal Motors, we recommends routine maintenance of your valves to avoid all the major inconvenience associated with the valves.