Head Gasket


A blown head gasket is one of the most expensive problems you can have with your vehicle. A head gasket is responsible for maintaining a seal in the internal combustion process, and preventing the oil and coolant from mixing together. It also prevents the engine coolant, engine oil and the combustion gases from escaping the engine. Being compressed between the engine block and the cylinder head, the head gasket also ensures highest compression possible. Driveability of the vehicle becomes difficult when the head gasket leaks are greater. Once the leak has reached the critical areas like engine oil passage, engine cylinder and engine coolant passage, the engine gives many evident warning signs of potential engine failure. Any of the below signs can be a result of head gasket failure!

  • Low coolant level
  • Extremely high engine temperature
  • Engine is jolting or stalling
  • Engine running rough when idling
  • Discolored oil in the engine
  • Light-colored smoke from the exhaust pipe


The main thing that contributes to the expensive repair costs of the head gasket is the time involved, the precision required and the labour. The automotive mechanic has to remove the cylinder head from the engine block, before installing a new head gasket. This approach requires unbolting and bolting a lot of other parts, before putting everything back together in the engine.

Regular maintenance of the car, truck or SUV can significantly reduce the risk of head gasket failure and damage to the engine. Additionally, it can save the expenses incurred in the expensive head gasket replacement. At Universal Motors, we specialise in head gasket repair and replacement services in Thomastown. We have the best mechanics in the region and perform all the repair work in-house. Our Services ensure highest quality of work and workmanship.