Most of us pay all the attention to the condition of the tyres, the engine, the paint job and the car as a whole. Unfortunately, we unintentionally ignore the radiator and cooling system, particularly the radiator hoses. Hoses play a vital role in the overall functioning of any vehicle. These radiator hoses facilitate the circulation of coolant from the radiator to various parts of the engine. There are many hoses in a given cooling system. The upper hose connects the radiator to the top of the engine. The lower hose connects the radiator to the water pump, making the coolant flow consistently through the cooling system. These connections carry hot coolant away from the engine and to the radiator where the coolant flows to dissipate heat.


The hoses are made of rubber and it is common for them to crack and weaken over time due to the high temperature in the engine compartment. If the radiator or the cooling system hose leaks or bursts, the engine will be deprived of proper coolant. This will eventually lead to severe damage to the engine. It is important to repair or replace the worn and leaking hoses as preventive maintenance.


Replacing the radiator hoses is a way to minimise the chances of engine breakdown and failure. A proper inspection of the hoses will determine the time when the hoses need to be replaced. Cracked, bulged and hardened hoses are indicators of the problem with the cooling system. Hoses in poor condition can cause serious engine damage due to overheating and catastrophic failure. To avoid all the inconvenience, it is important to consult a certified mechanic. At Universal Motors, we specialize in full auto repair & services, especially radiator hose repair and replacement in Thomastown. Our services include,

  • Pressure checking the cooling system for leaks
  • Removing and replacing the hose, if leaking or blown
  • Filling radiator with mixture of 50/50 coolant
  • Bleeding the cooling system
  • Re-checking and testing for any leaks