Thermostat – Drive Belt


The air and fuel together produce the power needed inside the engine which is directly related to the the overall functioning of your car. This combustion process also produces large amount of heat, which if uncontrolled can damage the engine and reduce it’s efficiency. The cooling system removes the excess heat to keep the engine running at safe temperature and ensuring best performance. The secondary function of the cooling system is to provide interior cabin heat during lower temperatures. There are many components of the cooling system, thermostat and drive belt being two of them. Thermostat is a spring-loaded valve that reacts to heat by opening to allow hot coolant to flow from the engine to the radiator at a predetermined temperature. Whereas, drive belts are V-shaped or flat, ribbed rubber belts that use engine power to turn various engine accessories such as the water pump, and cooling fan. In certain situations, the components can suffer from wearing out and give various warning signs. It is highly recommended to seek professional repair and replacement services to avoid problems in the proper functioning of the engine.


When the thermostat stops working, it can either get stuck open or closed. If the thermostat is stuck open, the coolant keeps on flowing through the engine. This will lead to absorption of excessive heat and difficulty in reaching optimal running temperature. If the thermostat is stuck closed, the coolant won’t be able to circulate in the engine, leading to quick overheating. To avoid severe damage in both the cases, Universal Motors provides the best thermostat replacement Thomastown at affordable prices. Our services include,

  • Verifying the overheating of the engine.
  • Removing and replacing thermostat, if faulty.
  • Cleaning the gasket surfaces.
  • Removing corrosion from hose connections.
  • Fill coolant.
  • Testing for leaks and proper operating temperature.


A car drive belt keeps the engine running smoothly. Unusual noises from the engine and visible belt wear means it needs replacement from certified technicians. Universal Motors provides the best drive belt replacement Thomastown with high quality services and affordable rates. Our services include,

  • Checking for unusual grinding or squeaky noise in the engine.
  • Removing the drive belts, if faulty.
  • Inspection of drive belt pulleys.
  • Inspection of drive belt tensioner.
  • Removing and replacing the tensioner, if faulty.
  • Testing the car to see if the unusual noise is gone.

At Universal Motors, we specialise in full auto repair & services, including quality maintenance services. Our expert mechanics can smoothly handle the faulty thermostat and drive belts, which are important internal components in any car, truck or SUV.