Water Pumps


The engine generates an incredible amount of heat and if it is not cooled with the help of a water pump, the car can break down. However, there are some warning signs of an impending car water pump failure. These signs include leaking coolant, loose water pump pulley, overheating of engine, steam coming from the radiator and inability to start the car. To prevent severe problems or engine breakdowns, it is highly recommended to consult certified mechanics. Universal Motors is a Thomastown based car water pump service & repair specialist. We always perform water pump repairs using top quality replacement parts installed by trained service mechanics.


The engine needs to have a consistent flow of coolant supplied through the radiator. The water pump maintains this flow, leading to a consistent operating temperature in the engine. On the contrary, if the water pump fails or wears out, it can lead to complete engine failure.


The water pumps in the modern cars last a longer time, but they are not indestructible. Like many other mechanical devices, they produce few warning signs if they are wearing out. In such cases, the car owners in Thomastown can contact the certified mechanics for quality car water pump repair and replacement services Thomastown. With fully experienced mechanics and after a proper evaluation of your car’s cooling system, Universal Motors provides the best car repair and services in shorter time span.

  • Pressure testing the cooling system for leaks
  • Remove and replace the water pump, if damaged
  • Filling in coolant
  • Installing the radiator cap
  • Installing the thermostat
  • Test driving to recheck the operating temperature

The cost of water pump replacement depends on the make, model and year of your car, truck or SUV. Universal Motors provides the best fix for your vehicle at affordable prices.