Wheel Alignments

Universal Motors offers different limited warranties on our wheel alignments to match our customer’s unique needs. From a 12-month limited warranty to a lifetime limited warranty, Universal Motors has options to suit you. Just want to check in and make sure your car alignment is balanced? Get peace of mind with our alignment check.

Wheel Alignment Check

  • Inspect vehicle suspension and steering systems, including tire air pressure and tire condition
  • Vehicle placed on an alignment rack, where laser sensors are mounted and measure the current alignment settings
  • Print initial tire alignment readings

Wheel Alignment: Standard

  • Inspect suspension and steering systems, including air pressure and tire condition
  • Vehicle placed on alignment rack, where sensors are mounted and compensated
  • Print initial tire alignment readings.
  • Camber, caster and toe angles are adjusted according to manufacturer specifications
  • Print final tire alignment readings.
  • Test drive the vehicle

* See your auto advisor for complete terms and conditions of written limited warranties.

Wheel Alignment: Lifetime

The lifetime wheel alignment comes complete with everything included in the standard alignment, plus:

  • A lifetime limited warranty*, meaning Universal Motors will realign your car whenever you need it, for free, for as long as you own the car.

Common symptoms of incorrect alignment include:

  • Excessive or uneven tyre wear
  • Compromised handling
  • Reduced directional stability
  • Increased fuel use
  • Reduced safety.
  •  Steering wheel is off-centre
  • Your car pulls to one side.

Performing a wheel alignment should also be done after steering or suspension repairs and when tyres are renewed to ensure maximum tyre life.