ECU Health Check and Report

Have you ever wondered why modern cars always seem to run smoothly in all driving conditions?

Modern vehicles are controlled by many sophisticated on board computers more commonly known in the industry as Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) or Elcetronic Control Units (ECUs). In fact some cars have over 20 different control units that are constantly reading, exchanging and manipulating data between themselves. When a module senses a problem with an electronic command, it will often override the issue by altering the parameters of the pre-programed data without “advising” you through lights on the dash.

ECUs make these improvement processes automatically and in real time. In a closed-loop system, different sensors accumulate data from the network and send data to actuators that provide the interventions required to achieve the best outcome for the driving conditions and service item condition it has to deal with. The output of sensors tell the system what the car is doing and the contribution of new inputs back to these sensors from the ECU make the critical amendments.

Some of the variety if ECUs in your car assist in the functioning of:

– Transmission control
– Engine Control
– The anti-lock brake system control
– Cruise Control
– Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems
– Automatic Climate Control
– Supplemental restraint systems (Airbags)
– Park assist
– Traction Control

ECUs Health Check & Report

Electronics Scanned – codes recorded, cleared, re-checked & report provided. Performing an ECU health check regularly ensures your vehicle is running to the standards the manufacturer intended.

Detected issues can be rectified by following our Fault to Solution Protocol

Our ECUs Heath Check also enables us to record your vehicle’s DNA, potentially limiting future diagnostics procedures. Our reports will advise what needs to be Investigated, what can be monitored and the clearing of historical events that can effect data parameters.